FacebookYes, I did tell you that Facebook was the internet’s #1 most popular social networking website just a month ago, but Facebook is #5. On a short segment on managing your time on Facebook on NBC’s Today Show this morning (Sunday, May 3, 2009), weekend anchor Jenna Wolfe said Facebook, with over 225 million users, would be the fifth most populous country in the world, only behind China, India, United States, and Indonesia!  Over 225 million users is amazing for any website and Facebook sits well above Brazil’s 191 million citizens. This puts the growing social website in perspective among our world. The social media specialist interviewed said the majority of Facebook users are now over 25 years old and the fastest growing population is 35-55 year old woman. Only one thing comes to mind when you first realize that Facebook could be an Olympic contender with that population is OMG (oh my God for the non-web savy).