What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Why is a CMS important? A CMS allows individuals who are not trained to code in HTML to make edits and updates to their site. HTML is a website programming language. WordPress software has to be installed on a web server to be used as a CMS.

Why is WordPress Website Design Important?

As a CMS platform, WordPress is a low-cost website framework solution but, off the shelf, comes with many limitations to customization. CMS sites typically rely on stock page design templates, limited menu options, and limited color palette choices. However, WordPress sites are often supplemented by developer plugins” which can greatly increase overall functionality.

What are other benefits of choosing WordPress? Why use it as a WordPress Website Design platform?

  • Once a website is developed and launched it can be edited easily.
  • Thousands of WordPress developers.
  • There are thousands of WordPress plugins, like LearnDash (used here), that have already been created.  Why is this advantageous for you? Custom website functionality, like a shopping cart, is very expensive to make from scratch. Trust us, we have done it. Why pay to have a new cart created when we can purchase the WooCommerce plugin for $100. It still has to be configured and designed but on average it will save thousands of dollars in development time.

How Do We Use WordPress Website Design to Benefit You?

There are many CMSs out there: Jumla, WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, etc. with varying degrees of customization and editing capabilities. A long time ago in a galaxy far away, we would custom plan, design, code websites. However, the limitation was that WE had to also make updates and edits to all of our Louisiana business websites. Clients didn’t want to learn HTML (shockingly) and so many websites would go months or years without updates. We embraced the new technology that is WordPress. Over time we figured out how to design custom websites and then code them into WordPress. This allowed clients to edit their own content, add blogs, manage their own shipping cart, etc.

Our experience with WordPress is extensive and while many so-called “developers” are selling their clients templates and shoehorning their brand and image into a OLD template, we are free to plan and create whatever we want and whatever the client needs. Whatever YOU need to get the job done – sell your product – convert your visitor – keep your brand community engaged – we can build it.

Website development for expanding Louisiana businesses runs in our veins. It doesn’t matter if you are in Belle Chasse, Lafayette, Chalmette, Baton Rouge or Mamou. We build websites that will build your business and WordPress is one of our tools to get it done.

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