What is Custom Design?

A custom designed website (or any marketing track really) is one that is made to order from scratch” for a particular customer. Custom web design is completely unique and dont use stock templates or stock themes. Custom websites provide a higher standard of design, functionality, differentiation, and UX/UI for your client. In other words. customization offers many advantages over standardized lower-cost templates with their limited one-size-fits-all approach.

Why is Custom Design Important?

Custom design websites are better at demonstrating the unique position of a business in the market, can be scaled easily as a business grows, will provide a much better ROI, and are much harder for competitors to imitate. Custom designed websites offer a singular individualized look (UI) and user experience (UX) tailored to specific audiences, plus provide for better search engine optimization opportunities across different user platforms and browsers.

How Do We Use Custom Design to Benefit You?

When you have visited one site and then meandered to another, does it just feel like déjà vu? Like you are on the same website with a different name? This happens because of the pervasive use of stock templates. I don’t know about your business—yet—but I have a feeling that your company and product is not 100% or even 80% like your competition. So why would you have a similar website? If you know your company is different and amazing and you are ready to pursue a website and marketing that is as powerful or flamboyant or as family friendly as you are – then you have come to the right place. Let’s schedule a meeting and get this party started.

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