Brand is the sum of perceptions about a company or product in the minds of consumers. Introducing or sharing a new brand to the marketplace is a crucial step because first impressions are everything. Brand Videos are created to share more of ‘who’ a brand is and not ‘what’ it sells. In other words, video media guide perceptions about the business, as a whole, on a more visceral level. Done well, these kinds of video give the viewer a strong sense of the company brand, culture, and values. However, in the long-term, brand videos will ultimately help sell the product or services of the company they represent.

Why are Brand Videos Important?

Brand focused videos sell beyond the products of today. They are used to get fans, and new prospects, engaged and excited about the company as a whole. A video for Nike is more about creating a relationship and selling a lifetime of shoes, not just one pair.

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How Do We Use Them to Benefit You?

Brand Videos can be a crucial part of a brand introduction. They are also part of the long-term growth of an organization. Our goal is to tell a brands story with video and audio. We make sure we do it in a way that SPEAKS  in your brand’s voice. We use brand videos to further shape EXACTLY what your brand is in the consumers mind. Most importantly, because nothing is more share-worthy than a good video, we make you look good as your customer base shares your video across social media platforms and their friends and followers.

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