The term “organic” social media refers to any social media activity without a paid element. The alternative to organic is “paid” social media where advertising dollars have an influence. This can be accomplished using free social media tools, of which there are many, to engage with and build an online following for a business. Some of the most popular social medias of today are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok

Why is Organic Social Media Important?

Organic Social MediaThis type of social media allows businesses to manage their reputation and customer relationships in almost real-time. Companies can respond directly to customers who have issues, which boosts confidence in the company and its brand. What else? It allows companies to listen to their audience to make improvements. It also helps companies build communities of like-minded people who share the company’s values. Organic Social Media posting is like free advertising for your brand, using custom hashtags. Perhaps most importantly, companies can encourage customers to provide user-generated content (UGC) for other customers to enjoy. UGC also provides proof of the value of the company’s products and services to its existing customers and, hence, to those who are still shopping around.

How Do We Use It to Benefit You?

Many companies struggle to post to their social media on a regular basis. They flounder on creating strong engaging content, or they don’t have the time to post it at all. If you have a large user or fan base…. they want to hear from you! We can handle your social media engagement and be a direct link between the heart of your brand and your user base!

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