Instagram is primarily a photo and video sharing social networking app so is almost exclusively visual content. Social media is becoming more visual so visual content is becoming a valuable means of social media communication. This explains the platforms rapid rise on the social media landscape. People love visual content. Visual content can be anything. The most effective images are highly personal everyday activities. Some great examples are: eating, socializing, sitting on a beach, attending a concert, etc. Other images that are popular on Instagram are places (often the more exotic or esoteric the better.)

Why is Instagram Important?

Instagram is a great place to share images of people, places and experiences connected to your company and its products and services. Additionally, Instagram offers paid advertising opportunities, which gives you the opportunity to advertise to your target market. Ads on Facebook can be easily adapted and shared to Instagram because Facebook owns it. A company that advertises on these platforms can make ads visible to certain targeted audiences based on a number of criteria, including the accounts they follow on either social media platform.

How Do We Use It to Benefit You?

Everyone has an Instagram. Well, almost everyone. There is a good chance that your customers are using it and looking at their media feeds multiple times a day. Really. Our mission is to make sure that while they scroll, you are included and enjoyed. We create great content for you, so that your company can be connected and enjoyed. We build powerful share-worthy, heart-worthy, comment-worthy images and content.

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