Social media advertising is a powerful direct means of quickly reaching a new, targeted audience. All the major social networks offer advertising options so it’s necessary to know which networks are most popular with a certain target audience. Fortunately, extensive data exists to help advertisers understand the demographics about users of each social media platform.

The format and placement of ads each platform offers is extensive, as well. For example, ads can include full-size photos or videos, or “carousel” ads that quickly flip through up to 10 photos or videos of products or services, each with their own link, all in one ad space. Social media ads are most effective when they contain a call to action,” which is designed to prompt an immediate response by grabbing users’ attention and inviting them to interact with the ad, business, product, or service.

Why is Social Media Advertising Important?

Some of the main advantages of social media marketing are the relatively low cost compared to other methods, the ability to reach a lot of people, the highly targeted nature of social media ads, the ability to directly connect to, understand, and interact with brand followers, and the potential to create new target audiences based on knowledge about current audiences.

How Do We Use It to Benefit You?

Anyone can advertise on social media – from Twitter to LinkedIn to TikTok. They are all happy to take your money and take people’s money they do. Facebook advertisers spent millions last year (and they are on the low side of spending), and the good news is that in 2019 the average Facebook user clicked on 12 ads in the preceding 30 days. We wield the social media sword for our clients so that ad spend is focused and effective. Staying up-to-date on markets, trends, CPC, CPM, CPS, Target audience, Bid, Ad relevance scores, and tracking your campaigns is all in a months work for your home-team at Design the Planet.

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