The mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. It is more of a business and employment-oriented social media service. Members (both employees and employers) create profiles and “connect” to each other to create a social network. The connections usually represent real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone (whether an existing member or not) to become a connection.

Why is LinkedIn Important?

This mission of LinkedIn presents challenges when using it as a marketing tool. Why? LinkedIn is designed specifically for professional networking—finding a job, discovering sales leads, connecting with potential business partners. Other “social medias”, by contrast, are focused on having individuals make friends or sharing media like photos and videos. LinkedIn offers the ability to publish ads (either text or multimedia). It is also useful to disseminate promotional content and news. In order for an ad to reach the target audience of busy professionals, it is crucial to make clear in the ad what the relevance of the ad content is to that audience.

How Do We Use It to Benefit You?

One word “Targeting”. We embrace LinkedIn as a social media for our clients who are in the Business to Business space. With some of the most powerful filtering from job titles to current location and where you went to college. We use this data-mine to connect with and engage your target market.

Many of our clients benefit from our week-to-week posting and commenting on their behalf. We use the targeting and ad placement to help them expand into new areas they can’t reach through organic means.

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