What is Facebook?

Facebook is a community-based social media platform and social networking service. To log into Facebook is to join a community created by its users. The communities are made up of members who have been invited to join the community and who share common interests. You can join the community as an individual, a group, or a type of business.

Why is Facebook Important?

Facebook is uniquely effective for sharing all types of content: text, visual, audio, and video content. What is great about Facebook communities? Members can enjoy both original content created by its members and find links to more content of shared interest.

How Do We Use Facebook to Benefit You?

We assist many clients by taking the burden of day-to-day posting off their todo list. We help organizations keep their Facebook audience engaged and excited about their products and services. Like most social media platforms, Facebook offers paid advertising content on its pages. As the worlds largest social network, Facebook advertising is a great way to connect with a huge target audience. The Facebook advertising offers micro-targeting features. As a result, companies can reach a very specific target audience easily. Why is this important? Facebook ads can get a message in front of people who are most likely to purchase a company’s products or services.

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