Green Initiatives

As a company whose business model revolves around planets, we take our own pretty seriously.

With a name like Design the Planet, you might have already guessed that we pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company. Our founding ideals are built upon the concept of fostering creativity, enriching our Core Partners’ brands, and fostering organic growth. We strive to incorporate these principles into all facets of the way we do business, including our carbon footprint.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to be better to the planet that we inhabit. These are a just a few of the cost-effective, Earth-friendly habits that Design the Planet practices:

  • Recycling all plastics, papers, boxes, cardboards, and junk mail, as well  as special items like ink cartridges, paints, and electronics
  • Creating notepads out of our one-sided recycled paper for office use
  • Providing a filtered water machine for office use to reduce bottles in circulation
  • Using flat-screen computer monitors to conserve energy
  • Placing plants around the office to clear the air and eliminate common air pollutants
  • Using re-usable/recyclable office supplies like cups and utensils
  • Employing web conference tools to replace in-person meetings that require air travel whenever possible
  • Putting doormats at all doors to keep particulates, dirts, and pollutants at bay
  • Composting coffee grounds by putting them in our planters
  • Tinting office windows and installing blinds

We would love to hear from you about the latest and greatest planet-preserving ideas! If your company is saving the world in ways we haven’t thought of yet, give us a shout and tell us about it!

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