Green Initiatives

As a company whose business model revolves around planets, we take our own pretty seriously.

And when you ask us what our favorite planet is, we’ll go with Earth every time. Our founding ideals are built upon the concept of fostering creativity, enriching our Core Partners’ brands, and cultivating organic growth. We strive to incorporate these principles into all facets of the way we do business, including our carbon footprint.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to be better to the planet that we inhabit. These are a just a few of the cost-effective, Earth-friendly habits that Design the Planet practices:

And that’s just the everyday stuff. We do our best to work with the incredible non-profits of New Orleans as often as possible, partnering to support our community and expand these green initiatives across the city. You might find us mulching trees on Earth Day to preserve the natural flood systems and infrastructure they provide, or doing some weekend cheering at the New Orleans Jesters games to support the youth development that the NOLA Soccer Academy promotes.

Too many marketing agencies are just in it for the money… At Design the Planet, we go for the green, too. Because contributing to a healthy, happy home means a whole lot more than a dollar sign to us.