1. A unique logo that connects to it’s target audience – use it consistently or pay the price.
  2. A good service plan (it doesn’t matter what kind of company you have, you will deliver service in some way; make sure it is excellent, every time).
  3.    Some kind of brand statement about what your company does, who it serves, and what it stands for – it doesn’t have to be formal like a Vision, Mission, and Values statement, but it does need to exist, and all of your staff should be knowledgeable about it.
  4. A good staff that knows the product/service well – nothing can sink your company faster then the wrong staff (bad hires) and/or not educating the right staff appropriately.
  5. A website and a Facebook page to get in touch with your audience and share your experience and expertise.
  6. An advertising budget of some kind. If you are considering starting a company, speak to a local marketing company and get an estimate on what the first year of  promotion might cost. I’ve watched loads of companies struggle for years or fail completely because they didn’t adequately plan for marketing.