If you’re establishment(s) offer food and beverage for sale, and you do it well, then you shouldn’t have to pump loads of money into an ongoing aggressive marketing campaign year round. if you do need constant marketing then you are probably pouring money in a hole. You are doing something wrong. Marketing a new concept or a special event is one thing, but ongoing aggressive marketing, year after year is a sign that something needs to be fixed.

We have had the pleasure of researching several companies to see: what they are made of, why they are successful, and where they are falling short. You can’t get to the next level or open the next store if your resources are squandered on pervasive marketing. You have to identify what isn’t working and fix it. It isn’t easy to look at your whole operation and say “what isn’t working? what can be better?”, but if you want to save money on advertising then get the magnifying glass out.

Some of the challenges we have identified in other companies are: Lack of Management, Lack of Training, Bad Signage, Bad Location Selection, Inconsistent Brand Message, Not Connecting to your Target Market, Bad Food or Product Delivery – or – Inconsistent.

So don’t keep pouring money in a hole – find the problem and fix it!