Working the constant 9-5 grind can get tiresome, even when you really love your job. So today, I’m going to challenge you to DO SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY – DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY.

As you all know by now, it’s my job to ensure that my team has some fun to break up the day-to-day monotony, so I’m always thinking about what to challenge them with next. Not too long ago, my son came home dragging a bag of golf clubs he’d found on the street. For weeks they sat on my porch taking up space, until one day, while contemplating whether to sell them or drag them to the curb, it came to mind that I could create a putt putt game of golf for the office.  Once the was planted, the idea took on a life of it’s own.

Taking several putters to work, I set to work creating a game that we now call “Putt Golf” (because our office hallway is too small to call it Putt Putt). I took cups and boxes and put them at one end of the hallway, and shooting from the other end, we had our first round of Putt Golf – overall a great success and a lot of laughs. Over the next few weeks, my oh-so-creative co-workers got in on the design of the game and added tubes, jump ramps, and even a Tonka truck. We also developed a scoring system in which everyone gets five shots. It takes about 15 minutes for everyone to have a turn, and we all go back to our desks laughing and feeling better about the day.

Now you may be saying, what’s so extraordinary about a putt golf game?  But I say, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it that causes something to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Recently during one of our 15 minute fun breaks, our VP Perryn made an extraordinary shot using the “wobbly” ball (which is extra points) and putting it through the tube (also extra points) – a shot we all thought was impossible to make. But being a team that makes the impossible possible, we took it as a true sign of extraordinary-ism. Because we embrace Walt Disney’s infamous motto – “Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort”-  we all knew that we had played a significant role in this surprisingly significant moment.

Here is a short video of the extraordinary shot that we are all now trying to duplicate…enjoy! And remember, DO SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY TODAY! LAUGH, HAVE SOME FUN. You’ll be glad that you did!

Perryn Golf