Remember being yelled at by teacher for doodling in elementary school? Thankfully, those days may soon come to a close, as more and more studies argue the benefits of those quick sketches.

And doodles aren’t just scribble. Did you know that the Citibank logo came from a two minute napkin doodle?

And our own mascot, Shaun the Sheep, originated from our former intern Geoff’s office meme.

When we’re not busy designing at ‘The Planet, some of us get some doodling in at our staff meetings. Here are some examples:

Ren, our illustrator:

Ryan, resident print master:

Marissa (me!):

Kat, our secretary, making very planetary doodles:

Alex, our project manager, has fun with letters:

Steve, our web developer, even gets in on the fun….in his own, programmer way:

Do you doodle? Post some links to your mini works of art!