It came. It saw. But it won’t conquer.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is in our city and it’s no longer a question of “if” it will have an impact on our lives and businesses – the question is “how large will that impact be?”

At DTP, we’ve already had to start thinking outside the box for our clients. This week, we are helping our long-time client CDR Software cancel a major event we have been marketing with them, for them, for the past eight months. And while the cancellation is disappointing, it is sparking some smart changes. They are converting all of their material into educational videos their audience can access. There’s also talk about a live webcast.

That got all of us at DTP thinking, “What about our other clients’ businesses?” As designers, programmers and coders, our team can simply unplug our computers and work from home. We can text, FaceTime and email each other – not even an elbow bump will be necessary. We may still get sick but, this way, chances are we won’t all be sick at the same time. As I write this, we are finalizing plans to keep the work flowing as usual.

But what about all the industries out there that can’t work from their kitchen counters? What about you? Is there a coronavirus workaround for your company? At DTP, we work with a ton of technology and we may have a few ideas you haven’t considered yet. We can’t guarantee we can make customers line up outside your door, but there may be opportunities to keep your doors open.

Yes, this is the time to be calm – but we also have to be smart. We’re going to get through this together because there are ways we can help each other. As we learned during Hurricane Katrina, sometimes the best work is done at that kitchen counter.

Let’s get together (over the phone, of course) and discuss what we can do for you. We won’t shake your hand but we can give you one.

-Adrienne Folse, Owner & Creative Director @DTPNOLA