First, let’s face the facts.

“There are now more people playing the Facebook game “FarmVille” than there are members of [the micro-blogging network] Twitter,” stated a turn-of-the-new year article published by SLATE. This summer, Facebook announced its 150 millionth member. (and we congratulate them!) Today, alone, 370,000 more will sign up to join. With a new movie released this week – about young mastermind Mark Zuckerburg, who began a movement of revolutionary social networking – I believe its safe to confirm…to confess…that our characteristically “Westernized” society becomes more technologically functional and dependent, everyday.

We are spending more and more time on the internet. Does this mean, then, that we are becoming more independent and isolated from the masses we tweet to?

Online networking keeps us attuned to the whereabouts and happenings of thousands; and yet we are intently unfocused on the outside world, only our computer monitor.  Smashing Magazine contributor, Paul Boag, wrote in the article, “Web Designers, Don’t Do It Alone,” “The downfall of the digital revolution is isolation.(Read the full article)

For me, it’s at least two, white, apple-stamped cords that plug me into my 13″ completely mobile workplace, with all of  “255 friends,” and my thoughts. Therefore, fellow media socialites, as we progress further into this era (and rear up a technologically-saturated generation) remember to remain balanced. Your days of leaving the pen and paper on the catch-all table at home are behind. Work with your hands, use your mind and memory to draw something from nothing. Exercise your talent in other activities to broaden your borders a little. Try something new. Remember: all creative genius within your daily workspace must at some point generate from the “outside perspective” you receive from engaging in all other facets of daily life.

For designers, working in isolation may be a downfall, but let’s always look on the brighter side. Use your electronic real estate wisely. Entertain great ideas! Discuss trend and trade. Share tips and tricks. Think about it. At your fingertips, you have the opportunity and power to enlighten “500 million.” Take time to explore the expanse of creative freedom you have, wherever you are.