Through over 15 years of experience building and improving brand identities, our team has developed a set of specific guidelines and processes that are a must when creating a visual identity. Read on to learn a few of the important lessons we learned the old-fashioned (read: hard) way.

 Make it relevant, not just consistent.

A franchise’s brand should be adaptive and relevant, not just consistent. A rebrand is useless if it isn’t aligned with a franchise’s core values, beliefs, and standards. We create brand identities that are successful because they are relevant even when adapting to new markets. That’s the importance behind an impactful visual message – when the winds change, your brand’s core values will stand strong if they are represented in a clear but adaptive identity.

 We franchise a brand, not a badge.

A new logo should be a symbol of change, not a change of symbol. Merely switching artwork will not inspire the change that needs to happen from within. When we work with our Core Partners (the DTP term for “client”), we ask tough questions and expect thoughtful answers. Though our processes, we understand the vision of what the franchise’s brand currently is and how it should evolve. Only when these steps are complete can we begin to consider the logo artwork. With this clarity, vision, and an acute understanding of past and future plans, a successful visual identity can be achieved.

 Your franchise concept: The BIG IDEA is not the big idea.

The big idea is actually hundreds of ideas that form your brand. These ideas are multi-faceted, and can be broken down into individual traits that appeal to different groups within your consumer audience. From within the same target market, some people prefer expedience over quality, some would sacrifice location appearance for your specialty item, and some want it all. When building a brand, we look at the whole kaleidoscope of harmonious, and sometimes clashing, aspects that create your customer experience.

 Remove the fear.

Fear and risk is attached to everything, but our most successful Core Partners are those who approach accomplishing their goals without fear. We are hired not just our experience, creativity, and processes, but also for our principles and our ability to understand and embrace that fear. With all of our formulas and calculations for success, guess what?…we can make anything, whether it be new, strange, or even conservative, work for you! Being different creates successful franchises, so trust that risky weirdo called creativity. At Design the Planet, we know it is our caffeinated, innovative, “throw caution to the wind (without fear)” focus that can take your brand where it needs to go.

Make it people-centric.

We are not in the design business, we are in the business of connecting people and brands. Successful design is successful because it COMMUNICATES with people in a powerful way. Our Core Partners believe in transparent brands that communicate with people through a visual language. Winning franchises place thoughtful, communicative design at the heart of their business – design that truly connects with people and makes them fans of their brand.