Navigate through the chaos of COVID-19 and avoid quarantining your brand by using the power of digital marketing – your communication lifeline.

The first few months of 2020 have upended society in a way few people could imagine. Businesses, schools, and museums are closed. Restaurants are either closed, empty, or reduced to curbside service establishments. As marketers, we make a living by getting creative and thinking on our feet, often when the unexpected happens. The COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on all industries have shown us the importance of having the ability to pivot when everything changes.

The coronavirus and the movement toward social distancing have fundamentally changed the way businesses of all types will operate in the short term. As the situation changes day to day, everyone from Orthopedists and Mental Health Professionals to Auto Mechanics will need to reach out to their customer base to provide updates on services and procedural changes for how services are delivered. Solutions such as modern telehealth appointments for healthcare providers or live-streaming DIY help for others could go a long way toward keeping consumers engaged and informed.

Times like these demonstrate the value of having a robust marketing plan in place, not only for building your brand and engaging your community but also for rapidly disseminating important info. The channels, campaigns, and strategies created by a dedicated marketing team can also act as a lifeline to your customers and clients when everything around them is changing drastically. For example, A well-designed graphic instructing your patients how to use telehealth software, or a great blog post for your high school students on keeping anxiety at bay can go a long way in helping your community cope.

Now is an excellent time for scrubbing your email list and reviewing social media connections. Having a solid email list and social media presence can act as a great platform to clearly and concisely help your clients understand and navigate the changes coming at them. The same methods that grow your business when times are good can act as a beneficial means of targeted communication in times of turmoil.

As the COVID-19 contagion has yet to peak in the US, it is essential to understand the tools that digital marketing provides, and how these tools can help businesses and organizations offer up-to-date messaging in confusing times. Design The Planet, a digital communications agency, was established in 1998 to help New Orleans area businesses compete in a rapidly changing business environment. With our help, our clients survived hurricanes, recessions, and the move to digital marketing.

Un Quarantine your brand, and put your online presence to work  – we can help you get there. If you find your branding and business approach is NOT online optimized and your sales have screeched to a halt, let us help you get the technology up and running. Schedule a 15-minute call today to discuss your current situation.