100% Improvement On Franchise Brand Delivery

Recently, I listened to a webinar that reviewed a 2013 QSR Performance Study which profiled and compared the speed, accuracy, quality, and consistency (cleanliness, speaker sound, etc.) of five drive-through QSRs. The judges visited over 1,000 fast food locations for the purpose of the project – talk about a lot of chicken tenders and burgers! […]


Starbucks Brand Review – Gratis

In the interest of full disclosure: I do “like” Starbucks coffee, and I own Starbucks stock. After a recent trip to the Czech Republic and Germany, I was finally able to see and review how the Starbucks brand is performing in other countries and compare it with my US experience. While I have experienced the […]


Are You Franchise-Ready?

You have the vision and the passion, but lack the necessary experience and know-how to get your franchise concept off of the ground.  Now what? Here at Design the Planet, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs develop, strategize, and implement a full-scale marketing plan to build or improve their franchise concept. Most would-be franchisers think that […]