River Road Coffees

To re-brand River Road Coffees, we connected a successful past to their exciting future.


River Roads Coffee Cup

After 15 years in business, the leadership at River Road Coffees was changing. The founder was stepping down by handing the reigns to the next generation… his son. And while the business was being kept in the Melancon family, it’s transition from the founder’s philosophy to new leadership’s was a big shift. The marketing and identity system had been stagnant for several years with little focus on social media or image promotion. The new leadership was ready to take a more aggressive approach to marketing for growth, and figured the old branding was holding the company back. We sat down with them to brew up a new and exciting direction for this already successful gourmet coffee roaster and service company.

Brand Goals for Robust Results

A new River Road Coffees identity was needed to fully represent the new owner’s passionate focus on high-quality service and the freshest-roasted coffee. While RRC is focused on Coffee Service, expanding retail sales is vital to building public awareness and demand. RRC wanted to create more of an interesting and gourmet experience for their office coffee service customers. RRC needed more useful marketing tools for the sales team to help them grow sales more effectively. Goals of the new RRC’s website were to improve engagement and conversion of Coffee Service and Retail Coffee prospects. We also developed a video strategy and campaign to share the River Road Coffee passion for creating Great Coffee and Great Coffee Breaks.

River Road 2005

2005 – 2009

River Road 2009

2009 – 2013

River Road 2013

2013 – Present

River Road Coffees is focused on delivering the highest quality Coffee and remarkable Service. The new identity ties together these ideas with a service “Wing” that flows into a coffee roaster. The logo was a big break from the past more conservative identities for this 18 year old company.


While many companies have a single audience, River Road Coffees has two major ones. They need to successfully connect with and sell to Offices and Restaurants as well as the consumer who picks up their gold bag of coffee at the grocery store. RRC is known in retail as “the gold bag” so we utilize more gold and brown on the Retail side – and for Coffee Service we wanted to “own” the color blue.

River Road Packaging


Website Sales

We want customers to feel the delicious flavor and passion for perfection in coffee roasting throughout the website. RRC is a small batch roaster that delivers only fresh coffee and so the website includes a full shopping area so people who must have their River Road Coffees can have it shipped to them.


Sales Tools “Speak”

The right sales tools can help even the savviest of sales people do a better job and help close the deal. RRC had been working with a single sales brochure, originally created in 2005, so after identifying the main markets that salesmen needed to work in – sales brochures were created to “speak” to the different audiences.



Sharing the story and spirit of River Road Coffees in video: The Art and Science of Roasting Powered by River Road Coffees. Watch all the videos here.



NCIS River Road Coffees

NCIS Feature

NCIS New Orleans needed a coffee shop for an upcoming episode, and wanted to feature none other than the set’s favorite coffee brand. While River Road Coffees doens’t have its own physical location, the Design the Planet team stepped up to produce a series of quick-turnaround signs, menus and other collateral.

“Special Edition” Easter Bags

River Road Coffees is recognizable on the shelf by its gold bag. When the bags were suddenly M.I.A., Design the Planet made lemonade by creating a series of pastel and bright designs for the replacement bags.