River Road Coffees is a second generation Baton Rouge based coffee roaster focused on delivering fresh coffee and superior service. They have grown from a local to a regional roaster focused on Office Coffee Service serving 12 offices and restaurants across southeast Louisiana.

After a year long revamp of the sales and production process within River Road Coffees, they were ready to expand their footprint and increase sales of Office Coffee. They needed a website and successful marketing that would help them grow into new regions and support their sales team approach.

WordPress Website +
Visitor Planning
and WooCommerce

After coordinating with the River Road Coffees sales team to understand their sales cycle and process we went to work creating a website that would drive sales and integrate with how they do business.


  • Help visitors navigate to the part of the site they need faster.
  • Explain and share the RRC passion for great coffee and service.
  • Explain more about what a coffee service is and have more people register for a free taste test.
  • Help retail shoppers either find a retail location to purchase their favorite coffee or purchase online.
  • Maximize video created in previous years.
  • Drive more business to both Business and Home sections via online marketing, social media, and cross promotion between Business and Retail.
website screenshot 1 website screenshot 2

Office Coffee service (and restaurants)
is River Road Coffees mainstay.

They have an experienced team that delivers coffee, tea, cream, sugar, and more to businesses who want to serve their patrons and employees a superior brewed beverage service. Building a part of the website what was focused on sharing the passion for Business to Business sales is part of our DNA. From planning a smooth customer journey through the site to deciding what info needs to be served up and when – we created an amazing site that informs as it opens the conversation for the sale, or in this case, the taste test.

The other half of the caffeine equation…

was to also develop part of the website for those who only know River Road Coffees as their local retail coffee company. Further, while River Road Coffees has been in Baton Rouge for over 20 years they are still being introduced to new coffee lovers daily. We had to share the driving passion the company has for delivering fresh, locally roasted ground and whole bean coffees to their friends and neighbors.

For all of the amazing River Road Coffee lovers
who have relocated to cities near and far,

the company has a robust online business. They offer all of their coffees and tea in whole bean and fresh grind.

coffee store products

The new WooCommerce cart was created to make the sales process smooth and quick.

Many people have requested that River Road add a recurring order feature so that they may have their coffee delivered on a monthly basis and so we added that feature to their shipping options.

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  • 21.8% 21.8% more new leads
  • 115% 115% increase in website traffic
  • 45% 45% email open rate

The Proof

Video with Ian Melancon - of River Road Coffees

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River Road Coffees relies on Design the Planet to lead its marketing business development activities all year long.

With a whole lot of trust and transparency, and after many hours of brand immersion, we help River Road forge a path of growth in a difficult market. Some of the ways we “make the difference” for this home-grown coffee roaster:


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