Mason’s Grill is the kind of place you go once, on a Sunday for brunch, and suddenly three weeks later you discover you are a Mason’s menu connoisseur and have a reserved spot at the bar. It’s a family-run, Baton Rouge staple with charm, award-winning drinks like the Bloody Mason, and seemingly endless hamburger topping possibilities.

Mason’s is best known for two things- burgers and brunch. With toppings like grilled pineapple and fried jalapenos, and hamburger buns made of everything from croissants to two whole grilled cheese sandwiches, their spot at the top of the Baton Rouge burger food chain is hard to argue against. Their delicious brunch options, a stacked bar, and friendly atmosphere make this spot a favorite for families from the neighboring suburbs. Bunny butt pancakes for Easter brunch, anyone?

The Challenge

Mason’s is famous for burgers and brunch, but the restaurant has MANY other strengths. Their “Leauxcal Bar,” stocked with delicious Louisiana beers and spirits, is the perfect spot for an after-work drink. Healthy menu options make Mason’s a perfect spot for lunch breaks from the nearby medical plaza. Weekly special nights light Taco Tuesday, Wing Night, and Mondays one-two punch of home-made red beans and rice and free food for kiddos make Mason’s a great family play for any day of the week. Our job is to engage and and grow the lunch and bar crowd.

The staff at Mason’s always goes the extra mile for the guests, and we needed to make sure that guests from further into the greater Baton Rouge area would go the extra mile for Mason’s. While Mason’s is busy making great food and they needed a group like Design the Planet to learn the brand, identify potential and maximize the brand’s visibility across social media channels, digital media and print publications. Basically, the place rules and we are going to let EVERYONE know. More diners needed… we are on the job.


  • Engage customers directly and often, in tune with Mason’s homespun identity.
  • Build and expand the restaurants customer base. Leverage the great press and awards and market the restaurant as both a local neighborhood spot AND a destination.
  • Build a name and a following around the restaurant’s bar area and make it an after-work destination, and a spot for socializing.
  • Plan, design, and launch messaging to the Mason’s email list, and build upon the list with valuable and engaged customers.
  • Utilize specialty and novel apps like Waze to interact with potential customers passing by, and targeted ads to make sure the right message is getting to the right customers at the right time.
  • Remaining engaged with the team at Mason’s to keep consistent ads, Facebook events, and marketing sprints churning around the restaurants major events.

The Proof:

Video with Shirlee and Mike - of Mason's Grill Restaurant

And to top it all off:

The wittiest advertising in the world can get you pretty far in the restaurant world, but if you REALLY want to get mouths watering and butts in the seats, you need high quality photography and videos of the food.

people at the bar
hands waving

Needless to say,

we are always more than happy to come by, grab a bloody Mason, stack a hamburger patty or two between some grilled cheese sandwiches, and get some high-resolution food pics and video of the amazing staff and atmosphere. After that, with full bellies, we turn these images and videos into everything from print ads, to landing pages, to targeted YouTube ads that show off the best and tastiest that Mason’s has to offer.

A Heaping Helping of Social Media:

Mason’s loves to keep in touch with their friends and fans online but the day-in and day-out posting was becoming a second or third job so Design the Planet stepped in. We keep their fans in the loop about the latest specials, beer tastings with local breweries, and special family events at the restaurant.

Delicious Growth Advertising

Working with several print and digital publications in Baton Rouge, we serve up tasty, eye-catching ads that get stomachs rumbling.

Our extended goals are to bring more people in for lunch and make sure everyone in the area, (or traveling through) know exactly where to get a delicious meal.

We love supporting such an amazing Baton Rouge local legend, and will continue cooking up new ways to grow the brand.


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