You have the vision and the passion, but lack the necessary experience and know-how to get your concept off of the ground.  Now what?

1.      Deliver a truly unique brand experience.

Before you move towards launching your concept, be sure you have taken the time to flesh out every aspect of your brand, and most importantly, what sets it apart from your competitors.  That special differentiator should be the base upon which you build all of your marketing and communications.

2.      Provide superior service every single time.

How customers feel from start to finish at your establishment will make or break your reputation and is a huge deciding factor on the longevity of your brand. From hiring friendly, quality staff members to closely monitoring wait times and the quality of your product, micro-management of service will lead to positive reviews.

3.      Never underestimate the power of advertising.

One of the costliest mistakes a business can make is dismissing the long-term value of promoting their brand through advertising. Advertising introduces your brand to prospective clients, keeps you top-of-mind among current customers, and dramatically increases brand name recognition.  In other words, it’s a necessity!

4.      Remember that the devil is in the details.

In the service industry, it is important to remember that one minor problem could lead to long-term consequences professionally and financially. Always pre-prepare and have a back-up plan for your back-up plan.

5.      Train and encourage every employee to be a “brand ambassador.”

The people that work for you are a living representation of everything your brand stands for, which is why smart business owners hire only enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful individuals that are knowledgeable about the brand.

6.      Triple-check absolutely everything.

If you want your concept to be taken seriously, you must be vigilant about ensuring that anything that represents your brand is polished and error-free. A misspelling on an expensive billboard will cost you much more than printing fees.

7.      Maintain an up-to-date, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing brand identity.

Your logo is the very first impression you make on your potential clients, and it represents your initial opportunity to connect with your brand audience and draw them in. The amount of effort you put into creating an identity that is a true and compelling representation of your brand will be a powerful statement to consumers.

 8.      Leave everything else up to the professionals.

Making the decision to hire a marketing partner to assist you with promoting and maintaining your brand may seem like a costly decision, until you consider the benefits of having access to a veteran team of designers, writers, and specialists at your disposal. Their planning, expertise, and informed opinions are worth their weight in gold.