Brother Martin High School is one of the leading all-boy Catholic schools in New Orleans. The school fosters development of its students with an emphasis on character, scholarship, and the soul through strong academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs.

The new website replaces the past website developed in the 1990s and can be updated by numerous members of the faculty and staff instead of just a few individuals with HTML knowledge. It is built on a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) with different levels on control and access to different sections of the website (for example, the football coach can update the football page and not the band page). The homepage also has a place for alerts for weather, school closed, and the such.

The Brother Martin website is nearly 100% editable by the school including the navigation, news, downloads, & quick links sections. The website was refocuses to make it easier to find information and has areas for the four main users – students, parents, alumni, and future students.