When you think security, what do you think of? Four out of five people I asked said “Brinks”.

Guess what Brinks is doing? No, they’re not buying a stadium; they’re rebranding! I do not understand changing a powerful brand that has household name recognition. I flipped when I heard the Cingular brand was on it’s way out, but it was being replaced by the even more well known and powerful AT&T brand. Brinks is changing their home security and business security to Broadview Security. I do not think Broadview Security has the same brand dominance as AT&T. I do like the additional of the term “security” to the name, but when you have a brand that is synonymous with an industry like Brinks is to security, I am okay not having the descriptive word in the name. I agree having a different look for the personal and business sides of the security business, but I would never suggest a name change for a company with as much brand collateral as Brinks.

According to their website, Brinks is keeping the name for their “Global Security Transportation and Cash Logistics Company” so the brand will still be around. When doing some research for this post, I was even more surprised to find The Brink’s Company had a different logo.

We’ll see how this pans out over the next few years. One benefits going for Brinks & Broadview Security is the amount of money they can spend in advertising and branding the new company name. A  smaller company with a similar name recognition in a local or regional market would have a tougher time without that kind of spending power.