1. Take photos of people! Share photos of people! It sounds so simple, but too many times companies show an empty office or location. We are human, and that means we want to see other people on “social” media. Not only that, but prospects and clients want to see you and your people on the job, having fun, taking care of business, etc. They want to feel connected to you.

2. Boost posts sometimes – if something important is going on, or you are doing a major marketing push, go ahead and Boost, otherwise known as paying to promote your post. Organic traffic is great, but sometimes you really want to get important info or offerings “out there” so you will want to strategically boost those posts.

3. Social Media is not just a “POST your Sales” media. Sure, you can use it to discuss any sales you have going on, BUT you also need to share company culture, or what is happening in your industry. Only posting sales sends its own message, and that is, “only look at us when you want stuff ‘ON SALE’.” I don’t know about you, but most companies make a little bit less when they have sales. Don’t you want people to pay attention to your social media when you aren’t having a sale?