1. Research and plan the timing of your post. It doesn’t matter what social media platform you are using, you should post when more users are online and actively checking their feeds. Here’s two Great Examples:

  • Facebook: according to FB stats, most people check Facebook in the 7:30pm-9pm range (however, there is a notable increase at 8am). This is when users are actively reading and engaging, not just quickly scanning. Schedule your posts for that time period and you’ll likely see higher engagement. Too many business post to Facebook during business hours, and by 7pm their message is WAY WAY down the users feed.
  • LinkedIn: not exactly the opposite of Facebook, but kind of. Most of LinkedIn’s engagement takes place during business hours. Some of the stats vary for this, so a good rule is to share posts and info after lunch.

2. Spend time “Liking” or connecting to your current clients. Sure, you need to generate new clients, however, connecting to your current clients is a good way to start growing your popularity. Clients especially love when you tag and share them in your posts.

3. Try to post consistently. That doesn’t mean post every day at the same time, but what you want to avoid is this: Some companies will post for a while, but then they don’t use the social media for several months. This inconsistency can effect your popularity. Put someone in charge of making sure posting happens on a regular basis, so they check your Social Media for posting opportunities and get to work on something to post.