Get your resolutions ready, 2013 is just around the corner. Consider some for your business while you’re at it: with a new year comes new consumer interests, and whether you own a restaurant or want to be in the know, we’ve got you covered with some tips.

According to Baum Whiteman, National Restaurant Associations, numerous bloggers and The Planet’s own gathered insight, here are a big Top-5 most important restaurant trends of 2013:

  1. Out with Big-name ‘Cola, in with Gourmet Drinks: More and more bars and restaurants are producing custom syrups, barrel-aged liquors, and other components on site. The consumer wants a unique drink experience, whether that be a specialty cocktail, a home-made soda, or a straight-from-the-garden fruit smoothie.
  2. Location, Location, LOCAL: Speaking of gardens, your consumer wants to know where their food came from, and are hoping that will be from your garden or from a local, quality farm operation. Support your local community and present small batch organic foods, and your consumer will be happy to pay premium.
  3. Quick-serve Quality: Did you know generation X and Y eat out more than any others? They are on the go but health-conscious, so you have to find the balance between healthful and delicious and ready-in-15.
  4. Remember the Children! Said generation X and Y-ers now have kids who they take out for meals, and whose health and happiness they want to see satisfied. Provide exciting options for children, that their parents will approve of.
  5. Social Media Madness: Watch and get ready for mobile apps and menus, update your facebook and twitter with specials, and generally communicate with your consumer base in the way they most feel comfortable.

If you need any help, Design the Planet is ready to educate you and give your brand a makeover for 2013!