Why You Should Attend Our Lunch & Learn…

So why have a Trade Show and Event Lunch and Learn? The simple truth is that companies like yours need desperately to improve your presence at trade shows and events. And, you need it now for a show in early 2018.

Over the past two years I’ve heard many businesses complain about NOT getting what they need and want from trade shows. When I ask what they did to maximize their ROI in trade shows they feel performed badly, they say something like: We reserved the space a few weeks before the show, had our lead assistant order promotional items, and then showed up with what they could “pull together” a day or two before. And when I ask: What did they do to follow-up after the event? They say: We called the leads our salespeople deemed the most qualified and ignored the others. If this sounds familiar, you should plan on attending the Lunch and Learn.

Seating is Limited!!

You all know me as a marketing expert and designer. But what you may not know is that before founding Design the Planet in 1998, I worked for two trade show companies. For small to medium size businesses preparing for exhibiting at trade shows and events, I have considerable expertise and can offer more than a few ideas on how these events can be successful.

I want to have this Lunch and Learn on November 9th because I see so many companies leave trade shows or events with lackluster outcomes, which results in negative perceptions of exhibiting. Event marketing is one of the best ways to meet contacts, build networks, and generate leads. Let me help you make the most of these events by showing you solutions to the struggles and problems you face so that you have better results from utilizing this marketing channel in the future.

For this Lunch and Learn I have teamed up with my co-host Luz Lobos to bring clarity to your preparations by giving you a complete overview of producing a successful event. With my strategy and marketing technology expertise and Luz’ design savvy and logistical know-how, we bring you a unique perspective on event execution that spans the three stages of event participation. I will share my ideas and experiences with you and help you build a pre-show plan that you can replicate in the future, and demonstrate how to use the latest technology to better capture the ROI you want and deserve after the show. Luz will show you exactly what it takes perform well throughout the event, from starting your preparations to staffing your booth.

Maximizing benefits from trade shows and events is critical. Don’t continue to produce trade shows that consume company resources like money and time out of the office if you’re not getting the outcomes you need. The only way to make the most of these opportunities is to build a well-planned beginning, middle, and end. Most organizations need 4 months to properly plan an event, so starting now is the key to success for any exhibiting you will be doing in 2018.

On November 9th we will help you do just that. Make your next show the best one yet by joining us at Ralph’s on the Park.