You have the vision and the passion, but lack the necessary experience and know-how to get your franchise concept off of the ground.  Now what?

Here at Design the Planet, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs develop, strategize, and implement a full-scale marketing plan to build or improve their franchise concept. Most would-be franchisers think that a logo, website, and franchise contract is all it takes to construct a potentially successful franchisable business; unfortunately, they are mistaken.

Besides vital necessities like a business plan, sound financial backing, and marketing and positioning ideas, there is so much more that is required to make a franchise-ready business model really different and valuable as a cohesive package for possible franchisees.

Along the way, we have established a tried-and-true checklist that franchisers should have in place before launch. A potential concept needs several vital components to achieve optimum success. Ensuring that a concept incorporates these key factors saves our clients time and money while improving their success rate significantly.

Here is our overview of what it takes to truly be “franchise -ready”: 

  1. A unique (or uniquely different) concept or business model with clear differentiation
  2. A concept or business model that is repeatable
  3. Brand values that are understood internally
  4. A Brand Value Proposition that is understood and in demand externally
  5. All information about the brand concept, documented in a way that can be saved and shared
  6. A clearly defined marketing and advertising plan, including budgeting and ROI measuring
  7. All job descriptions, accountability, & training specific to each job, documented in a way that can be saved and shared
  8. All aspects of the franchise’s look-and-feel, customer experience, and service delivery must be consistent and maintained from location to location (e.g.: signage, interior space planning, color scheme, etc.)
  9. Employee brand immersion must be evident throughout the organization
  10. Internal and external communications and social media interaction that is consistent and on-brand

Can you start franchising without all of these things? Probably. Will you have problems with growth, employee engagement,  and consistency later on down the line? YES. Work on getting these Franchise Development tools in place early on, and you too can be Franchise-Ready!

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