Websites usually fall into two categories: mobile-friendly and not mobile-friendly. I think I found a third category, anti-mobile.

We recently wrote a post about why mobile matters, then a few days later I find this website.

This website is so un-mobile friendly, I’m dubbing it anti-mobile. The BabyFirst website actually loads in landscape mode regardless if your phone is in portrait view. The website is obviously designed for a desktop or tablet based on the design and buttons. Also, the navigation is nearly impossible to select with adult-sized fingers.

What amazes me the most about this is two facts.

  1. BabyFirst is not a small, “mom-and-pop” company that can’t afford a mobile website. They advertise numerous mobile apps (trust me on this, they advertise a LOT of mobile apps) that they’ve created and endorsed.
  2. It is common knowledge to reach moms of small children, you need to reach them on their phones. They do not have time to sit on a computer and they rarely pull out a tablet. BabyFirst’s primary audience is mothers of small children.

For your website, make sure it is mobile friendly for all the reasons we noted last week and do not alienate your primary target audience my giving them obstacles to overcome. When you make the buying process easier, your sales will go up.