Like most New Orleanians, we here at Design the Planet are big fans of George Rodrigue’s eye-catching work. Renowned for the illustrious blue dog that pops up in the majority of his paintings, George created an unusual niche for himself in the world of art. He has continued to build on that reputation through consistently creating out-of-the-box artwork that dazzles the eye with innovation and ingenuity.

When the man behind the Big Easy legend selected Design the Planet to develop his new website, we must admit, we were a bit starstruck. We set out to create a strategic design that presents the history and works of George Rodrigue to his target audience in a way that highlights his significant artistic legacy, while simultaneously increasing his work’s demand and value.
The end result is a compelling, contemporary, and mobile-friendly showstopper that encourages viewers to stop and stay awhile. The website draws you in with a highly interactive timeline, easy access to George’s vast world of social media, and vivid images of George’s work that really pop.

Step inside George’s gallery-you won’t be disappointed!