So today I’m looking forward to an interesting evening with Design the Planet (as if there’s any other kind): we’re heading out to Happy Hour at Fresco Café and Pizzeria . A night out doesn’t seem like anything too unusual, but for me it will be a special experience, as I’ll get to see a lot of my brand collateral in action for the first time.

I’ve been with Design the Planet for almost a year (my anniversary is in November! Wow!) and have worked to rebrand Fresco from the bottom up since the start. After lots of work on menus, web presence, and lots of odd items like shirts, cups, stamps, even pizza boxes, I get to see the real world results of all my work.

But that’s not the only joy – tonight will be solid confirmation that I’ve become part of a community. I moved to New Orleans last fall, not long after I finished school.  On a whim, I took a bus trip from Savannah, and fell in love with everything about the city. After an exchange of emails, I landed an interview with DTP, and was elated to find myself on the team soon after.

Now I’ve experienced Mardi Gras, know all of my favorite hang-out spots, can navigate out-of-towners, help out all of my favorite organizations, and now feel like a member of this unique community (but sorry, don’t think you’ll be catching me at any crawfish boils). Watching other people utilize my designs in a local establishment will completely affirm that!

I love working at DTP – not only is design my passion, my community is too.  I’m proud to say I work somewhere I can create both.

Look out for pics of our outing next week!