A couple of months ago, I noticed the Luzianne Iced Tea billboard on my way home from work. A few days later, I heard a promotion on the radio station, B97, to keep an eye our for the billboards. Later, the radio DJ started giving clues and listeners had to guess the location of the Luzianne Iced Tea billboard to win a great prize. As a listener, I thought it was a fun, different contest. Then my marketing side kicked in and I thought how wonderful of a promotion. Luzianne was using the radio to make people notice and even look for their billboards. I’m sure many people asked family & friends to help them figure out the clues and find the billboards which led to even more word-of-mouth advertising. What a great way to mix 2 mediums – outdoor & radio advertising.

On the down side, when looking for a picture of the billboard on the web, I found the Luzianne website. It was a bit boring and cross-sold the other brands the company sold such as Blue Plate Mayonnaise, CDM Coffee, and Swans Down Cake Flour – which I did not care about. Then I found a link for a promotional website entitled “Find Your Front Porch“. This was a great website about Luzianne Iced Tea and was fun to click around and explore (fun for a tea company). Why am I disappointed in a website that I consider great? My concern is that the fun website is a promotional website that will eventually disappear and be replaced with another great promotional website while the main website is dull and static. Guess which website comes up when you Google “Luzianne Iced Tea” – yes, the boring website. Problem? I think so. This is where I believe advertising agencies miss the boat.