Every year, Pantone, the makers of all the fabulous colors we print all our brand collateral in, releases a report of ten of the season’s trending and appealing colors (each corresponding to a green, a blue, generally used collections of colors), with one named color of the year.
Fall’s palette is delightfully rich and bright, with heavy darks and high notes of warm gemtones. Trending is not something to rely on, but these are not a bad set of colors to take inspiration from — whether it be in fashion, interior decorating, or printed materials.

Named color of the year, Tangerine Tango is quite a statement color, and not for the faint of heart. Teal and orange have been very popular the past few years (especially with the advent of digital coloring in films — the combination seems to suit action movies, the contrast  producing serious impact.) And amongst economic difficulties, crazy weather, and general unease, happy-snappy orange seems like a fittingly optimistic theme.

If you check out the colors page, you can buy products and download palettes.

Missed Spring’s palette? You can still check it out here. We’re seeing similar tones, but often a little muted and less striking (most colors feel a bit more neutral.)