With so many fonts to choose from, it can be a tedious task to find just the right font for a brand or branded document. There are different styles, characters, and variations to peruse, yet there are fonts that should never be used. Whether the font is being used for a logo or tagline, body copy for a printed brochure, content for your website or even an in-house document, the fonts below should be avoided.

#3 Curlz

Curlz is a font you see on invitations for events that are supposed to be fun and exciting, but its overuse has caused it to look silly and amateur.

#2 Papyrus

With its rough edges and antique look, you’ll notice Papyrus used in the massage and spa industry, for (Mediterranean) restaurants and menus, representing jewelry shops, and on organic food packaging. Papyrus has become so commonplace that it’s a poor choice for any company wanting to stand out.

#1 Comic Sans

Originally designed as imitation comic book lettering, Comic Sans is one of the most overused fonts created—there are even sites dedicated to banning the font. Comic Sans is childish, immature and never taken seriously.

The fonts listed above should never be used to represent your brand, but the list goes on… Click here for a full listing of fonts to avoid »

Why does it matter what fonts I use?
Choosing an unsuitable font makes your brand:

  • convey the wrong message
  • look unprofessional
  • illegible and unreadable
  • look too generic
  • confusing and unmemorable

What if I can’t find the perfect font?
Hire a design firm, because:

  • design firms have tens—if not hundreds—of thousands of fonts at their disposal
  • designers are aware of trends and fonts that may soon look dated
  • if a perfect font can’t be found, a custom font or type treatment can be created
  • design firms work hard to make sure your brand is unique and conveys the proper message

So, whether you’re flowing content into your website or typing up a document to be used in-house, refrain from using the fonts listed above and you’ll find yourself a few steps closer to a more professional, memorable brand.