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TOP 7 – Attributes of a Great Franchisee (to-be)


Why should a person focused on franchise brands and marketing write this blog? 1) We don’t want to keep this a secret. And, 2) Nothing can effect your brand perception as much as a really great franchisee …OR, a very bad one. Every Franchisor is constantly on the lookout for the next Great Franchisee. They may be looking for a Franchisee who is going to become an Area Developer or Master Franchnchisee, or maybe the perfect single-unit franchisee is just what they need for a specific area or reason. I think everyone will agree that there is a huge difference between a… Read more »

Best Practices On Franchise Marketing Campaigns And How A/B Testing Can Produce Marketable Results


p5rn7vb As a Franchisor or a Franchisee you can produce huge results for your location by implementing an Email Marketing Campaign. Many franchises use email marketing for customer retention or loyalty programs offering customers specials and telling them about their newest product or offering. It’s also a great way to give your customers a “call to action” that brings them to your website i.e. Click here for a coupon. It’s a sure way to stay connected to your customers, and they get value from you for being loyal; win-win! Maybe your franchisor doesn’t offer an email program yet, if not,… Read more »

10 Best Marketing Practices for Attracting the Illusive Millennial Consumer

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.57.01 PM

Millennial consumers, enabled through mobile and social digital technologies, are redefining what a Brand must offer to attract them and win them as customers. Today’s consumer is actively searching for Brands that align product value with corporate values. The following TEN BEST BRAND PRACTICES are proven to engage today’s Millennial consumer on their issues of Brand Value and Brand Values: VALUE Price competitiveness. It starts here for most consumers in today’s economy, but it doesn’t stop here. Although the price tag is a key qualifier on how interested a consumer will be in your product, Brand Value and Brand Values are proving… Read more »

Choosing the RIGHT Franchisees


from our Franchise Growth Forum meeting– New Orleans This week I participated in our regional Franchise Forum of which I am one of the founding members,  and the topic of discussion was choosing “The Right Franchisee”. As you can imagine, this topic was a hot one. Participants included 600+ unit systems like Smoothie King, as well as younger franchises like KidCam and The File Depot,  along with franchise support companies like Design the Planet and Folse Financial. Much of our discussion were focused on finding the right prospective franchisees in the first place. Everyone agreed that the franchising landscape has changed, and newer resources like online technology… Read more »

What about your Internal Brand


This month we would like to challenge you to work on your “INTERNAL BRAND” and see what a difference it can make. At Design the Planet we know that the health of our team is paramount and therefore one of our internal brand initiatives is to have a healthy team. Many companies understand the importance of external brand marketing (differentiate, advertise, show off your logo, get social, etc.), however, just as many companies lack initiative when it comes to internal branding (what you do inside your company with your employees and vendors is important too). Internal branding is critical to… Read more »

Things To think through before deciding to franchise (Part Two)

The Franchise model of expanding brands into multiple location businesses quickly and efficiently has been around a long time, but that doesn’t mean that starting a franchise is an easy process. Here is Part 2 of Things to Think Through as you are considering whether your Brand has what it takes to become a successful franchise. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here. Get your ducks in a row with a business plan To help you formulate your plans for your new franchise system, you should develop a business plan. This is often over looked by many… Read more »



The question is not IF you are different, but HOW you are different. Whether you are a franchise brand, multi-location brand, single-location brand or strictly an online brand, if you can’t answer this integral question about your company, you are missing the holy grail of marketing knowledge. DIF‧FER‧ENT (adj.) 1. Not alike in character or quality. 2. Not identical; separate or distinct. 3. Not ordinary; unusual. We live in a society where many people are so busy trying to emulate what’s trendy that they forget about promoting what makes them unique. This statement is also true for companies, a fact we were made painfully aware of recently while performing a research project on… Read more »

Sales, Marketing, & Buyer Personas: The Trifecta of Optimal Brand Delivery

Buyer Persona

As a team member at Design the Planet, an award-winning brand marketing and design firm that specializes in building and improving franchise and multi-location brands, I help guide our clients through fleshing out their ideal buyer personas as an integral piece of the overall process of effectively connecting with their target audience. Building your buyer personas is a vital part of strengthening your brand, as these guidelines give you a clear, objective view of your core audience. This deeper level of understanding helps you determine what makes these individuals tick and serves as a guide for your entire marketing strategy… Read more »

Things To Think Through BEFORE Deciding to Franchise (Part One)

franchising tips

Think your business has what it takes to make it as a successful franchise? Not so fast! First, make sure that you have thoroughly covered all of the items on this list: ·       You need a good business concept. Essentially, your franchise concept needs to be unique, interesting, and possess long-term potential. Your concept needs to span fads and evolve into trends. A fad is a short-term event. A trend, on the other hand, holds the potential of having a long-term influence on the future of a market. It needs to be appealing to both consumers and potential franchisees. ·       Systemized standards for… Read more »

Trash or Treasure= FREE Advertising!

Free Advertising

Here at Design the Planet, we do not advocate littering in any form; however, your trash has potential as being your own brand ambassador! Think about what a packaging-driven world we live in: from the tags on our clothes to the bags we carry our goods in down to the napkins we toss on our plate after we’re done eating out, the world is rife with disposables in our line of sight. Why not pepper these items with valuable brand information? It’s not just about printing run-of-the-mill flyers – there are so many other ways to project your brand out… Read more »