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Things You Must Think Through BEFORE Franchising (Part One)

Think your business has what it takes to make it as a successful franchise? Not so fast! First, make sure that you have thoroughly covered all of the items on this list: ·       You need a good business concept. Essentially, your franchise concept needs to be unique, interesting, and possess long-term potential. Your concept needs to span fads and evolve into trends. A fad is a short-term event. A trend, on the other hand, holds the potential of having a long-term influence on the future of a market. It needs to be appealing to both consumers and potential franchisees. ·       Systemized standards for… Read more »

Trash or Treasure= FREE Advertising!

Here at Design the Planet, we do not advocate littering in any form; however, your trash has potential as being your own brand ambassador!   Think about what a packaging-driven world we live in: from the tags on our clothes to the bags we carry our goods in down to the napkins we toss on our plate after we’re done eating out, the world is rife with disposables in our line of sight. Why not pepper these items with valuable brand information? It’s not just about printing run-of-the-mill flyers – there are so many other ways to project your brand… Read more »

Creating or Rebranding a Franchise’s Visual Brand Identity

Through over 15 years of experience building and improving brand identities, our team has developed a set of specific guidelines and processes that are a must when creating a visual identity. Read on to learn a few of the important lessons we learned the old-fashioned (read: hard) way.  Make it relevant, not just consistent. A franchise’s brand should be adaptive and relevant, not just consistent. A rebrand is useless if it isn’t aligned with a franchise’s core values, beliefs, and standards. We create brand identities that are successful because they are relevant even when adapting to new markets. That’s the… Read more »

100% Improvement On Franchise Brand Delivery


Recently, I listened to a webinar that reviewed a 2013 QSR Performance Study which profiled and compared the speed, accuracy, quality, and consistency (cleanliness, speaker sound, etc.) of five drive-through QSRs. The judges visited over 1,000 fast food locations for the purpose of the project – talk about a lot of chicken tenders and burgers! However, their quest into the drive-throughtopia was  worth it – the data they uncovered was mind-boggling. For instance, I learned that on average, if there are 3-5 vehicles in line at the drive-though, the service speed is 225 seconds. However, if 6+ vehicles are in line,… Read more »

Dream. Brand. Evolve.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 11.24.24 AM

The tagline at Design the Planet is DREAM. BRAND. EVOLVE. and no matter what your personal business model is, we have found these three words to be a mantra for branding success. Whether you are a business start-up or an established company, moving to the next level – and there is always a next level – can be challenging, but with a clear vision and the right strategy it can also be very rewarding. To put it another way – with a clear DREAM and the right BRAND, you can EVOLVE your bottom line. DREAM. Dreaming is the ability to reach… Read more »



You may have heard the terms RGB, CMYK and/or PMS in relation to color, but you may not know what each acronym stands for or why they matter. Consider this your introduction to the exciting world of RGB, CMYK and PMS (Pantone Matching System). If you want your artwork to look the way it was intended to, it is imperative that you understand each of these color profiles, the difference between them and when to use them. The first step is understanding the three color modes that are used universally on a daily basis: RGB — Red, Green, Blue. RGB… Read more »

From the Inside Out: The Key To Rocketing Your Brand To New Heights


The most ironic thing about being brand marketers is how difficult it is for us to find the time to focus on our own business when our day-to-day job is developing successful brands for our core partners. However, we believe in the importance of leading by example, and we know that to work with the best, we have to be at our best. In order to ensure that we are always at the tip-top of our branding game, we work a little bit extra so that we can carve out “us” time- an annual team retreat each year to get… Read more »

We’re Looking For Core Partners-Who Are You Looking For?


As a brand marketing firm that caters to franchises and multi-locations, we place a very high value on differentiation and creating a unique brand culture that sets a company apart and consistently reflects their values and personality in everything that they do. This way of thinking is how we’ve come to realize that the “client” label just isn’t a fit for what we do and who we serve-we find it to be an outdated cliché that can often serve to separate us from the “clients” that we are helping (see more about this concept in our post from a few… Read more »

Wanna Own A Wildly Successful Franchise? Here’s Some Food For Thought


  Do you ever wonder what that “special sauce” is that sets the big guys like Chik Fil A and Panda Express apart from the rest and allows them to continue  to grow, thrive, and prosper like no tomorrow? We do, too. In order to shed some light on what it takes to create today’s franchisable brand that keeps going and going, we had a look at the Top 10 Franchises of 2014. These businesses are just gaining momentum on their path towards major success, and are a great indicator of how to start off strong in order to make… Read more »

Our New Year’s Resolution: No More “Clients” in 2014!


It seems that over the course of the last 10-20 years or so, the word “client” has evolved from having a positive connotation to drawing a line in the sand between companies and the “clients” they are helping. Many of my current “client” relationships are GREAT, and with those individuals we have built a successful creative/innovative partnership that stands the test of time. However, in the mind of some clients, there seems to be an idea of “us” (the paid pros) and “them” (the client). It permeates and discourages the honesty and trust needed to build an AMAZING relationship; it’s almost… Read more »