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New Orleans Logos – New Orleans Saints

With football season in full force and all of the buzz around this weekend’s prime time Halloween game between our beloved New Orleans Saints versus the Pittsburgh Steelers along with the hulabaloo about ownership of “Who Dat”, we thought it was only fitting that we talked about the Saints fleur-de-leis logo. The Saints logo the iconic fleur-de-leis design that is evident just about every where in New Orleans, especially after the city rallied back from Hurricane Katrina. This centuries old icon now symbolizes the faith and love for the city of New Orleans and many New Orleans area business have… Read more »

Going Back in Time

After the Gap fiasco a week ago, another company shows off their rebrand in the form of a logo design.  DoubleTree has unveiled their new logo. I am fine with the new logo, I like the intertwined “D” and trees and the new brown look. According to the Brand Channel, the company said the new identity followed extensive research and “consumer feedback drove selection of the final logo.” What surprised me is the company’s statement that the new logo was  “celebrating a modern, updated look and feel for DoubleTree”. The new identity looks like a throw back to the historical,… Read more »

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Not to say the original Gap logo was good, but it was iconic and well-recognized. Here at Design the Planet, we are not surprised that Gap ventured off to a new logo because their classic logo was getting a bit stale. We never thought they’d come up with something so generic and off-the-wall. (Actually, according to a comment on Brand Channel, the logo is a ripoff of threadneedle’s logo.) As a designer & marketer, I love seeing rebrands. Some are very successful and others are not so much. At least Gap listened to their fans and brand community via social… Read more »

New Orleans Logos –

We’re continuing our New Orleans logo posts where we talk about logos around town. This post will discuss our thoughts on’s logo and we ask for your input in the comments section below. The logo is simple at first glance, but as we reviewed the logo design we noticed more significant features. The most obvious piece is the crescent shape reflecting the city’s “Crescent City” nickname. The font for the word “nola” actually reflects the website’s origins as the local newspaper’s website, The Times-Picayune. The font is an older font with the strong serifs (feet) on each character…. Read more »

New Orleans Logos – Drago’s

When you think of New Orleans, you probably think of the culture, music, Mardi Gras, and definitely the food. One of the New Orleans area’s finest seafood restaurants is Drago’s. They are especially known for their oysters. On a drive down Metairie Road, you will see the fun-loving Drago’s crawfish mascot on their sign [pictured on the right]. This logo is the New Orleans version of Americana for me, it’s New Orleanian. The logo has some fun and some class. The font is distinct even though it appears to be an unaltered fontface.  and I like how the “S” is… Read more »

New Orleans Logos – Water Meter

As the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, we have been talking about all of the pro-New Orleans imagery that has flooded New Orleans’ stores and homes. New Orleans has had the fleur-de-leis for centuries as part of its early French roots. Another image also represents New Orleans and it’s the water meter cover. Since Katrina, stores have been flooded with products such as home decorations, clothing, jewelry, and even cookware are filled with these two images. Like the ownership of “Who Dat” with Saints fans, the ownership of the water meter cover has come into question. This is not… Read more »

Why Copying can be Great.

Copying an artist’s or designer’s work is one of the best exercises to learn design techniques. It is one of the most effective ways to learn such things as spacing, the way colors interact with each other, font design, etc. You are literally taking what an artist has become good at and having them teach you their strength in design. Every designer has their strengths and weaknesses, and the best way to learn something is by doing it, so it stands to reason that if a designer takes a work by David Carson and literally creates right over the top… Read more »

Misguided Logo Typefaces

Sometimes we, as designers, complain about the overuse of common themed fonts like Papyrus, Brush Script, and Comic Sans. We also complain about misusing the font such as the example below. A local store called Upscale Clothing uses Comic Sans as their logo. Why would a place describing themselves as upscale use a handwritten font? Why would a designer or sign show pull up the font named “Comic” for a place called Upscale Clothing? A more appropriate font would have been a traditional serif font like Garamond or even a script font. Why, oh why do people use these horrid… Read more »

Redesigning a Logo

When you are redesigning a logo that has been around for years, the goal is not to simply improve the design. A designer doesn’t want to alienate a client that is already familiar with the brand and do away with the brand recognition that the company has worked hard to amass over time. One of the  most important goals of a business’s logo is to build instant visual identification with its brand and brand values (that is why a logo is known as an identity). Moving too far away for an existing logo that is currently being used too quickly… Read more »

Greene Serene – Logo Design

Green Serene is a new eco-friendly retail store on the famous Magazine Street. At the shop, you can find innovative and stylish designs made of 100% organic cotton and bamboo clothing, repurposed and recycled beauty products, and hand-made jewelry. Our goal was to develop an identity that represented the company’s mission and purpose with a unique flair so it would not get lost in the green jungle.