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Wanna Own A Wildly Successful Franchise? Here’s Some Food For Thought

  Do you ever wonder what that “special sauce” is that sets the big guys like Chik Fil A and Panda Express apart from the rest and allows them to continue  to grow, thrive, and prosper like no tomorrow? We do, too. In order to shed some light on what it takes to create today’s franchisable brand that keeps going and going, we had a look at the Top 10 Franchises of 2014. These businesses are just gaining momentum on their path towards major success, and are a great indicator of how to start off strong in order to make… Read more »

Starbucks Brand Review – Gratis

In the interest of full disclosure: I do “like” Starbucks coffee, and I own Starbucks stock. After a recent trip to the Czech Republic and Germany, I was finally able to see and review how the Starbucks brand is performing in other countries and compare it with my US experience. While I have experienced the brand all across the US through my travels, I had previously largely skipped the Starbucks experience while in Europe – for good reason, as most EU countries have great coffee shops. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I am a… Read more »

An X-tremely “Franchise-Ready” Brand

As a marketing and branding firm that specializes in working with franchises and multi-location businesses, we meet with a diverse mix of prospective clients across a wide variety of industries that hope to turn their concept into a franchisable brand. These entrepreneurs range from highly experienced experts in their field to newbies that are fresh off of the boat, but what really makes the difference is the amount of research and preparation they have put into place before attempting to conceptualize and launch their product. Coming across a franchise idea that holds potential for super-success is a rarity, so we… Read more »

Nacho Mama’s “Cinco de Mama”

Nacho Mama’s is a fun and festive restaurant that works hard to produce great food and good times, while keeping people coming back for more through their attention to flavor and hospitality. For a restaurant that’s used to being unique, Nacho Mama’s annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations weren’t standing out despite offering live bands, contests, and special prices.

Louisiana Office Products

Louisiana Office Products (LAOP) is a 30 year-old family owned office supply and furniture company. The company’s outdated look and feel positioned LAOP as the “chair store,” despite selling a full range of office supplies, equipment and furniture. With the need to compete against big box competitors, LAOP needed a way to harness its unique brand differentiation, change its outdated image and attitude, and infuse its brand community with enthusiasm.

GNO, Inc. – Mobile App

GNO, Inc. ambassadors often find themselves in situations where they have the opportunity to promote New Orleans, and they need the necessary facts and figures in front of them to support their statements when the opportunities arise. CEO Michael Hecht realized he was fielding a large number of urgent phone calls from people requesting information about the area. He realized applied technology was needed to handle this issue; something that could provide the information in a quick and efficient manner.

Scooters Chicken – Brand Development

The Opportunity

Scooters Chicken is an out-of-the-box thinking restaurant that aims to be the family place for great food at a better price. The owner of Scooters Chicken takes a holistic approach to creating a brand experience that is cultural (like taking kids out for ice cream after a game, or getting your favorite finger food for tail-gating or a Mardi Gras parade). The key was to differentiate the company from international/local powerhouse Popeyes Chicken, the national chains Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Churches, and the growing regional restaurant Canes by utilizing a unique brand identity, interesting and delicious product offerings and superior service delivery.

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Pat O’Brien’s Bar – Website Redesign

The Opportunity

Pat O’Brien’s Bar’s old website was a dated design that was difficult for users to navigate, laborious to update, and it made incorporating the franchise locations difficult. This dated design made it difficult for most search engines to querying the site’s content for relative and useful information. Thus, web surfers who Google or Yahoo Pat O’Brien’s various locations would find it difficult to track down the bar’s online presence.

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Premium Parking – Web Marketing

The Opportunity

Premium Parking’s website code was cumbersome to update and difficult for search engines to crawl (pull info from). Nearly all the text on the website was rendered using images, making it impossible for search engines to read. Many of the links on the site did not work and the parking venues were hard to visualize without maps. The original website designer and developer had left Premium Parking with a semi-functional website and no means to update it. Also, the major search engines (like Google and Yahoo) did not have the website listed in their directories, so Premium Parking’s website never appeared when potential customers searched for “New Orleans Parking” or even “Premium Parking New Orleans, LA.”

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