• Overworked or writers block

    Newsletters: the Brand-marketing tool that lingers!

    The current marketing environment is challenging to say the least. You could say, “old school marketers” kinda had it easy. All they had to do was recommend the right mix of marketing channels (which only consisted of about 5 for most companies), sell decision makers on the budget, develop the creative, and then track the...
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  • Businessman pulling old technology with chain, studio shot

    How to get your web site to “pull its own weight”!

     Generating Interest and Business with Your Website. Even if you aren’t in the website biz, or haven’t been paying much attention to modern website design, the benefits of a GREAT website will boggle your mind. Even small to medium sized businesses in Louisiana can, and should, have a website that “pulls its own weight.” The...
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  • Ts_WinB2BSocialMedia1_03-feature

    Basics on B2B Social Media: Maximizing the Investment

    Since you now know what your social media company won’t tell you, let’s dig in to the basics of Social Media for Business-to-Business companies. This short article will help you start to decide if you will be doing the social media yourself (internally) or if you need to contact the pros. WHY you should be...
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  • Businessman Crossing Fingers

    What Isn’t Your B2B Social Media Company telling you?

    No matter if you are in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville or Slidell, Louisiana, this is what you may not know about B2B Social Media. For business, Social Media marketing has long been the domain of companies focused on the consumer. Business-to-Business (B2B for this article) companies have largely either ignored this marketing medium, or...
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Launch Process


Effective marketing strategies are rooted in facts—about your brand, about your brand community and about your organization. Our Away Team utilizes our Discovery process of methodologies and techniques developed over years of practice, tailored to your unique situation, to reveal actionable insights that guide the development of your internal and external marketing strategy.


Launch Process


Brand evolution shouldn’t happen by accident. Your brand marketing strategy designed around your goals and objectives must be grounded in the brand character of your organization—its legacy, vision, value proposition, unique differentiation and future opportunities. Our Engineering Team applies the findings from your brand Discovery process to establish a strategic platform that guides you to what’s next!

System Design

Launch Process

System Design

Building the brand marketing systems and tools to reach your business goals is based on your unique Guidance strategy. Thus, the System Design phase is a symbiosis of strategic thinking, careful planning and budgeting, and unbridled creativity. The result is a brand marketing strategy, story and delivery experience designed specifically for your needs.

Go Time!

Launch Process

Go Time!

Are you ready for what’s next? You’d better be, because it’s Go Time! In this phase we use your System Design to attack new markets, new competition, new communication channels, new regulations, and new opportunities, to create new customer interactions. Our award-winning creative team creates compelling experiences across all your customer touchpoints to engage both customers and employees in relevant and unique ways. Let’s GO!

Launch Process


Ensuring your branding is implemented and maintained in our dynamic marketplace requires experience and careful management. Our Command Krewe can help you navigate the modern challenges of employee and customer engagement. We facilitate brand immersion, manage campaigns, direct initiatives and maximize marketing data. We even offer integrated web-based systems to track and automate our efforts. Don’t go it alone.

brand evolution is not accidental

You need a team that understands your brand is more than just pretty pictures and generic marketing speak...

Though they come from a variety of industries, we work specifically with Core Partner profiles whose challenges and frustrations match our core areas of expertise.

  • George Rodrigue
  • Mignon Faget
  • Tour Ascension
  • Tour Ascension
  • CDR Software
  • Jerks Island Grill
  • Larry Schedler
  • Growing from "Mom & Pop"
    to Coast-to-Coast?

    Rethinking a brand strategy is vital for companies who outgrow their backyard. What works in a local/regional market often doesn’t translate to a larger canvas. Learn how we launch your brand to a larger stage.

  • Transitioning Generations?

    One of the most challenging times for a business’ branding is when ownership or leadership changes hands. We make the transition as smooth as possible for your brand communities by taking the story that led to success and revising it for the modern audience.

  • Suffering with Aging Branding

    There are many reasons why companies suffer from brand aging. We created our Discovery process to specifically deal with this challenge. Before you shop for a new website or a new logo, let’s make sure it’s not time to evolve your entire brand planet.

  • Ready to go
    From "good" to "Great"

    The impact of really great branding shows up over time on the bottom line, and companies that have GREAT branding, experience success on all levels. Taking companies from good to GREAT is what we do best!

  • Alleviate
    Costly Marketing Headaches
    with Brand Consolidation

    Translating your company brand and branding to a line of products or services is vital to effective and cohesive marketing and promotion. Our Discovery process directs the creative process to ensure seamless application across all SBU’s.

  • Need to
    Reboot from the Inside-Out?

    Internal marketing is effective for improving behavior dynamics across a wide range of business functions. Applied strategically, it positively impacts profitability and customer service across all touchpoints, and affects positive change to your operational paradigm. Let’s talk before you brand.